Do’s & Don’t for Taking a Taxi in Bangalore

~ By Taxiclues India (


  • Check at the Taxiclues India for cheapest cab options
  • Hire a cab from listed cab companies only and check for driver credentials before departure
  • Hire a cab from geographically closer cab services, chances of cabs availability at last minute is higher
  • Check the shortest route before travelling and if possible use mobile map
  • Check the km before start of trip
  • Ask for pricing before boarding the cab even if the pricing is confirmed by phone
  • Check for other charges like waiting and luggage at the time of booking only
  • Book at least 45 minutes prior to travel
  • Indicate complete address with nearby landmark during booking
  • Check for Garage to Garage or point to point pricing model at the time of booking/ boarding
  • Book RadioTaxi in advance for coming home from Railway stations at Night, very good chances are that it will be cheaper than prepaid Auto
  • Book Hourly rate Cabs (2 Hrs -10 hrs), if waiting time is more as most of the cabs have waiting charges (i.e. shopping/Movie/Meeting/multi point travel)


  • Don’t try to book a cab on immediate basis i.e. less than 15 minutes
  • Don’t board any cab during night time if listed logo not visible on cab body
  • Don’t tell driver that you don’t know the routes
  • Don’t throw any waste items or dust in the Cabs
  • Don’t try to take Taxi for very short distance; it will be costlier and difficult to find a taxi
  • Don’t get into arguments with the Taxi drivers, instead call their operator’s helpline
  • Don’t forget to check your luggage, especially mobile phones, bags, purses etc before leaving the taxi
  • Don’t use Autos for travel at night, in 6/10 cases, it will be costlier than Taxi
  • Don’t forget to use Taxiclues India to check the best rates and services for more than 30 Cab options in Bangalore


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